Dedicated Hosting

When you want the ultimate in website performance, security, and control, this is it

Pure Dedicated Servers with Free Server Management and Free Server Migration

Our entire network is protected with 100Gbps DDOS Protection for security

Processor CPU Speed Ram storage bandwidth port speed price order
E3-1270v2 8 x 3.4 GHz 16gb ddr3 1TB HDD 10,000gb 1gbps $99/mo order now
E3-1270v2 8 x 3.4 ghz 32 gb ddr3 800gb SSD + 1TB HDD 10,000 gb 1gbps $135/mo order now
Dual E5-2620v2 24 x 2.4 ghz 32 gb ddr3 120gb SSD + 1TB HDD 10,000 gb 1gbps $175/mo order now
Dual E5-2670v2 32 x 2.5 ghz 64 gb ddr3 800GB SSD + 1TB HDD 10,000 gb 1gbps $249/mo order now
Dual E5-2680v2 40 x 2.80 ghz 128 gb ddr3 800GB SSD + 1TB HDD 10,000 gb 1gbps $349/mo order now

Easy to use control panel

Complete control over your server, boot, reboot, shutdown

Real - time bandwidth

graphs to show you how much banwidth you are using


Supercharge Your Website with Our Dedicated Hosting

Full Control

As a single controller of dedicated server, you have the full system resources directly at your disposal; everything under your control.

Customizable Storage

Dedicated servers are the best choice for customers who want control of both software and hardware. Our flexible server configurations make it easy for you to choose what's best for your website

Reliable and Secure

With RoyalNode your servers get 100Gbps Data center level DDOS protection which covers our entire Network. Thus, overall increasing the uptime of your website.

Advance Feature

Simple Control Panel

We provide simple control panel, without any complex user flows. You can have full control over your server to boot, reboot or shutdown if not in used and Real-Time Bandwidth usage graphs to keep an eye on your bandwidth usage.

Dedicated Resources

When it comes to large scale enterprises or ecommerce store with high traffic, dedicated hosting is the best choice. With this you can have full control over the resources that are dedicated only to you.

Full Backups

Royal Node now provides extra storage options in order backup your servers. Backing up servers files are not an issue anymore!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get extra RAM. Most commonly the available RAM is available in 8GB blocks. For extra RAM charges are $15 per 8GB. You can request RAM upgrade (depending on the server processor) and additional ram will be added to your server right away.
Yes, we offer Free Server Management with cPanel and DirectAdmin Licenses. Do not know how to manage your Linux Server and you do not have enough time to sit and manage your own server? We got you covered, our experiecened System Admins will take care of that for you without any extra charges.
Yes you can get Cloud Linux for $12 per month. It will be installed as your base operating system. It provides you full of control resources. It’s a perfect choice if you're using cPanel and prefer that each account should have controlled resources that are completely separated from one another.
The importance of KernelCare is realized when Kernel updates come often and causes a downtime. With this add-on, kernel updates as live patches, thus getting you rid of server reboots and downtime.
We are RoyalNode provides Free 1TB Storage Drive for Servers containing 32GB RAM or more. If you want to use 1TB HDD for storage, you can add additional 1TB HDD for Backups as low as $15/month.
With our Dedicated Hosting service you’ll get 1 IPv4 in the beginning, a number enough to start your business. Anyhow if more IP’s are required, you can avail them while placing an order. in sets of 5, for just $1 per extra IP address. You can order maximum 64 IPv4 per server with proper IPv4 Justification.