Shared Hosting Plans


All plans includes NVMe SSD Disk Space, much more faster than traditional SSD Disks. 1Gbps Premium Network Bandwidth, and 5Gbps Premium DDOS Protection. Free SSL Certificate for all Websites.

Basic Plan

Starting from

$ 3.49 / month
5GB NVMe SSD Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
5 Websites Allowed
Free SSL Certificate
20% OFF on Annual Payment

Standard Plan

Starting from

$ 5.99 / month
10GB NVMe SSD Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
10 Websites Allowed
Free SSL Certificate
20% OFF on Annual Payment

Business Plan

Starting from

$ 8.49 / month
20GB NVMe SSD Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
20 Websites Allowed
Free SSL Certificate
20% OFF on Annual Payment

Why Choose Us?

Why we are better than most of the companies out there?


We use Artificial Intelligence controlled Firewall and Mod_Security for Better Protection and Stop all sort of Attacks on CMS Websites.


All our Shared, Cloud and Dedicated Servers comes with Free DDOS Protection up to 5Gbps to stop most of the small to medium DDOS Attacks.


Unlike other Hosting Companies, we use Account Isolation on our all Shared Hosting Nodes, so even if an account is compromised on server, no other accounts will be Affected.


Our Servers are Hosted in our Top Tier Data Center with Quality Network, Non-overload 1Gbps Dedicated Network Ports, and managed by our experienced Technical Team, monitored 24x7.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

We offer 24x7 Technical Support with 15 to 30 minutes average response time to all queries and support tickets.

Premium Network

All our Servers are Hosted on Premium Network with 1Gbps of Dedicated Network Ports and Free DDOS Protection up to 5Gbps.

99.9% UPTIME

We offer almost 100% Network and Power Uptime with Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime, anything lower than that, and we will compensate you.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Web Hosting Services by various customers, so we put some General FAQ here for ease of our customers.

What is difference between SSD and NVMe SSD?
There isn’t much difference between Normal SSD and NVMe SSD Drive other than the Performance and Speed. Regular SSD uses the Communication form of SATA where NVMe SSD uses the different communication method known as NVMe or Non-Volatile Memory Express, thus it is much faster and performs better than regular SSD Drives. SSD Drives are 5x faster than regular Hard Drives, where NVMe SSD Drives are 5x faster than regular SSD Drives and almost 25x faster than regular Hard Drives.
What type of Hardware and Software are used for Shared Hosting?
We use Latest Dual E5 v4 Hardware Server with 64GB to 128GB of Dedicated RAM and NVMe SSD Drives for our Shared Hosting Servers. For Software, we use cPanel for control panel, CloudLinux with CageFS for resource limitation and Account Isolation, and Litespeed for Web Server which is 9x faster than Apache or nGinx. All Shared Hosting Servers are equipped with AI control Firewall and Mod_Security for better Server and Website Protection with Daily Malware Scan. For Backups, we use JetBack Backup Software for Daily Auto Backup of all Accounts and Free Restore Option of Website and Files from cPanel.
Free SSL Certificate is for all Websites?
Yes, Free SSL Certificate is Free for all of your Websites hosted in your cPanel. We offer LetsEncrypt based SSL Certificate free of cost for all websites hosted on our Servers. You can activate your Free SSL Certificate right from your cPanel, SSL/TLS Status Section.